• Was That Business or Pleasure?

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     He was very attractive. A few inches taller than me, he had dark brown hair that was red at the top and his brown eyes were gorgeous. I ran into him as I came out of the loo with the other girls. We had gone to touch up our makeup.

    Mr. Chen liked us to look our best for his parties.

    We clicked right away and Murray and I went to a more quiet area to talk and get to know each other better.

    “So what do you do for a living pretty girl?” Murray asked.

    “Oh I work at Raul’s. He’s great as managers go.” I replied taking a sip of my drink.

    “Raul’s? I’ve heard of the agency. So you’re…a London escort? I wouldn’t have guessed.” He said smiling.

    “Well you’re not meant to otherwise we’re not doing our job right.” I replied as I returned his smile.

    Sometimes it was awkward when a guy first learned what I do but Murray got over it pretty quickly. He led me to the bar and asked if he could buy me a drink even if it was open bar.

    “I’ll have a whisky on the rocks please”, I said and he smiled, ordering me a double.

    A few hours later, the party ended and everyone was starting to leave.

    “It was nice to meet you Gwen. Would it be possible if I got your number?” Murray asked.

    “Nice meeting you too Murray and sure!” I said giving him my phone so he could put his number in and I put my number in his.

    After hugging me goodbye, Murray left and I couldn’t help looking at his ass. Tonight was an amazing night and I was sad that tomorrow I would have to go back to reality.

    My friend Lily sidled up to me, “Nice pull Gwen. Why didn’t you go home with him?”

    I shrugged it off, smiling at her, “I guess he likes to take it slow. He took my number.”

    “Oh. So was that business or pleasure?”

    “Can’t it be both?”

    “I guess. But he didn’t pay you.”

    “Yeah. But Mr. Chen had already taken care of our fees for tonight. We were here to have fun with his guests.”

    “True true. Did you taste the caviar? Out of this world.”

    “I did.”

    “So if he calls you, will you go on a date or will you go on a date?”

    “Like I said, he knows what I do.”