• Was That Business or Pleasure? by Petra

     He was very attractive. A few inches taller than me, he had dark brown hair that was red at the top and his brown eyes were gorgeous. I ran into him as I came out of the loo with the other girls. We had gone to touch up our makeup.

    Mr. Chen liked us to look our best for his parties.

    We clicked right away and Murray and I went to a more quiet area to talk and get to know each other better.

    “So what do you do for a living pretty girl?” Murray asked.

    “Oh I work at Raul’s. He’s great as managers go.” I replied taking a sip of my drink.

    “Raul’s? I’ve heard of the agency. So you’re…a London escort? I wouldn’t have guessed.” He said smiling.

    “Well you’re not meant to otherwise we’re not doing our job right.” I replied as I returned his smile.

    Sometimes it was awkward when a guy first learned what I do but Murray got over it pretty quickly. He led me to the bar and asked if he could buy me a drink even if it was open bar.

    “I’ll have a whisky on the rocks please”, I said and he smiled, ordering me a double.

    A few hours later, the party ended and everyone was starting to leave.

    “It was nice to meet you Gwen. Would it be possible if I got your number?” Murray asked.

    “Nice meeting you too Murray and sure!” I said giving him my phone so he could put his number in and I put my number in his.

    After hugging me goodbye, Murray left and I couldn’t help looking at his ass. Tonight was an amazing night and I was sad that tomorrow I would have to go back to reality.

    My friend Lily sidled up to me, “Nice pull Gwen. Why didn’t you go home with him?”

    I shrugged it off, smiling at her, “I guess he likes to take it slow. He took my number.”

    “Oh. So was that business or pleasure?”

    “Can’t it be both?”

    “I guess. But he didn’t pay you.”

    “Yeah. But Mr. Chen had already taken care of our fees for tonight. We were here to have fun with his guests.”

    “True true. Did you taste the caviar? Out of this world.”

    “I did.”

    “So if he calls you, will you go on a date or will you go on a date?”

    “Like I said, he knows what I do.”


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    He Offered Me £200 Extra by Petra

    The tape recorder sitting in front of Leslie looked like something straight out of the 90’s. When she was invited to the west end of London to talk about her job, she had gladly accepted, and laughed instantly when she learned she would be recorded on a tape. It was very old school, but it felt very important. The small brunette was happy to oblige. It was just talking about some of her clients without naming names, just describing in detail the kinds of jobs she took and giving examples. When the nice-looking man on the other side of the table pressed down on the record button, Leslie smiled and started talking.

    “My name is Leslie, and I’m an escort in London and northern England,” Leslie said into the microphone. “And I’m here to talk about some of my experiences with clients.” She paused, a look of thought crossing her face. “Let’s start with a less appealing one,” she continued. “It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t my favorite. A man – let’s call him Andrew – contacted me through the escort website I work on, and offered me fifteen hundred pounds for an hour and a half. I expect the highest amount of respect and class, so when I showed up to a rundown motel, I made Andrew take me to a nicer hotel.”

    As she thought about how to continue, she looked at the man across from her with a smile. “He was pretty simple,” she said. “He smoked a bit, talked about disco music, and he wouldn’t stop going on about my tits. He eventually started grabbing them and squeezing my nipples, trying to get me wet…it wasn’t really working. Not right away. I jerked him for about thirty minutes with some horribly scented lotion, and he came all over my breasts. I let him, since he liked them so much.”

    Another pause. It was time to get a little more graphic; she was curious to see how shocked she could make the man across from her. “I’m not much for blowjobs, but Andrew offered me an extra two hundred pounds if I did it…so I did. Sloppily, but I did it. He seemed to love the sloppiness, though. My saliva was everywhere, all over his cock and my chin. He came in my mouth and that ended up everywhere, too. It was a little awkward…but he liked it, so that’s good, right? That’s all I care about, is if the client enjoys it.”

    By this point, the man across from Leslie was hooked on her story. She continued. “We finally had sex, and he wasn’t very gentle about it. It wasn’t sex, it was fucking. I was on top, and he had hold of my hips and was slamming in and out of me so hard my hips hurt. I didn’t even notice when he came that time; I was too focused on giving a good performance. When I got off him, there was no condom on his cock, and I had a bit of a freak out before realizing it was still inside of me. I dripped everywhere when I pulled it out.”

    Running a hand through her hair, Leslie leaned forward a bit to talk more directly into the mic. “He fell asleep…woke up about two hours later and drove me back to my car and paid me. It wasn’t so bad…sometimes I think about fucking him and I cum so hard I can’t breathe.” Pushing the microphone back, Leslie smiled at the man. He slid an envelope across the table; escorts never shared for free.

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    The Point in Hiring a London Escort by Petra

    “My first time was with a forty-three-year-old man in town on business,” Irene said as she rolled onto her stomach on the bed, arms folding under her chin as she studied the man lounging against the headboard. She had been asked by more than one client about her first time as a London escort, but she was a bit surprised that Jordan had asked. Irene had been taking his business regularly for a year, and he rarely wanted to hear about her work with others. He was one of her Girlfriend Experience clients; they never wanted to hear about other men. “He had contacted my friend that also works in the business, but she didn’t want to do the things he wanted. So, she came to me, and then had him call me when I told her I would do it. She knew I was trying to get into the escort business in London.”

    Jordan was listening attentively, surprising Irene even more. “We met at the hotel restaurant, and had a couple of drinks. He was very reassuring; knew that I was new, had never done this before. He kept telling me that, as long as I wasn’t a virgin, I would do great.” She paused for a breath. “But I was convinced everyone knew why I was there, what I was. I feared getting called out.”

    “Like you had a sign on your back,” Jordan said, nodding slowly. Irene nodded in return.

    “I had that feeling for the first two or three months I was taking clients,” she said. “But it went away eventually. This man was a good first client. As soon as my clothes came off, I was sucking him off like some kind of expert…I had only ever given a blowjob twice before that. He was hard, and throbbing…he only got carried away once and tried to force my head down, but apologized and didn’t do it again. Even kept his hands off my head to make sure.”

    “Sounds like the perfect client,” Jordan muttered.

    “He was,” Irene agreed. “I didn’t expect him to finish in my mouth, but he did. He nearly finished again when I swallowed with him still in my mouth.” She smirked when she saw Jordan’s brows fly up, and knew she was going to have to let him experience that now. She didn’t mind. “He told me we didn’t have to have sex if I didn’t want to, but I was there for a reason. Sure, he got off once, but what’s the point in hiring a London escort – especially a high end one – if you’re not going to take advantage of the sex?”

    Irene rolled over again and stared at the ceiling. “He definitely fucked me, but it wasn’t as rough as I was expecting. It was still intense, but not…intrusive. He felt amazing. I was so wet; I don’t think I’d ever been that wet before then. He pulled out to finish, and I pounded my fingers inside of myself to finish. He was so satisfied he told me he couldn’t see me again when he was back in town in case he formed an attachment, and he was married.”

    “Aren’t a lot of your clients?”

    “Mmhm,” Irene hummed. “Well over ninety percent. I think he had attachment issues, however. Got attached too easily. As they say…this business is rough. Every girl has that one that clings too hard.”

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